Improve Data Collection and Marketing Campaigns

Business strategies for marketing, data collection and customer management improve when the platform is user-friendly, adaptable, and cost-effective. An email marketing strategy is more successful, for example, when features allow businesses to import existing contacts from any file, add eCommerce platform into emails, and retain creative control over content. Sending newsletters, individual emails, and campaign follow-ups are easy with drop and drag interfaces, free templates and free image hosting, a mobile-friendly platform, and data-driven segmentation. Emails can be automated to be intelligent and behavioral based, with follow-up emails triggered by customer actions. Available split testing helps businesses determine which content generates the most opens or clicks, which improves return on investment for future campaigns.

Segmentation can be completed by contact data, interests, campaign interactions, social media data, and activity on the website. A single email address, using this platform, provides extensive data on each customer including locations, age, gender, social profiles, and interests. Businesses can utilize all that information to explore contacts, send targeted campaigns, generate leads, and affect automation.


Adding subscription forms to the website so visitors can get campaign emails also increases success. The full history of any contact can be viewed on a single screen, real-time reports can be generated, a geo-tracking feature is offered, allowing businesses to personalize campaigns and automation. The platform can also be integrated with hundreds of systems, other platforms, and payment systems for more lead generation and targeted emails.

A campaign archive is available, real-time spam prevention is included, video marketing is possible, and services are continually managed to quickly deal with any issues, ensure emails are delivered, and manage all campaigns. Marketing automation and Customer response management (CRM) are included in the platform. A free trial of the platform is offered, there are no set-up fees, and the service is cost-effective. Pricing is based on the number of contacts per month, one of two payment options, and the level of service chosen. Payments can be made monthly or annually, which includes a savings percentage. Levels of service are Basic, Plus, and Enterprise. Contact options start at 500 per month and go up to unlimited contacts per month.

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